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Michael Larkin
Aquatics Program Manager Married 3
My name is Michael D. Larkin.  I am the son of MacArthur and Sandra Larkin.  The grandson of T. O. and Willlie Mae Larkin.  My wifes name is Michelle Larkin and we have a set of beautiful triplets; Tia Gladys Larkin, Madison John Larkin, and Michael D. Larkin, Jr.  We reside in the great state of Massachussetts and are excited about the Larkin Family Reunion.  A time when we will be able to celebrate our heritage and inform our children of our collective stories!  To GOD be the glory. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Natasha Larkin (Walden)
Retired Army Married 2
I am Natasha Larkin Walden, the daughter of Pauline and Oscar Larkin. My father Oscar Larkin is the son of T.O. Larkin  and Willie Mae Larkin. I am currently married to Joseph T. Walden with two kids, one sonJoseph Walden II, and a daughter Gabrielle Bolden. I am looking forward to being united with family. It is a blessing to be able to cultivate the roots of our heritage. Send Natasha a MessageSend Natasha a Message
Tammi Brantley
Profile picture
Clergy Single
I’m the daughter of Geraldine Brantley and the granddaughter of the late Agnes Larkin Brantley. My grandmothers father was Arthur Larkin Sr. Send Tammi a MessageSend Tammi a Message
Tim Cunningham
Engineering Manager Married 2
Son of Earl & Sarah (Brantley) Cunningham - grandson of Agnes  Larkin Brantley. Looking forwarded to seeing everyone in Atlanta.